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Poor Patterson, of Yazoo, has been murdered by the ruffians! He was one of the most inoffensive, and at the same time, liberal-minded members in the last Legislature. Well educated, polite, courteous, kind, and a positive leader of his race, he commanded the good-will and esteem of all his colleagues. As Chairman of the Committee on "Humane and Benevolent Institutions," he earned and received the gratitude of all those unfortunates who came under his care. The Superintendents of the Institution for the Blind, of the Lunatic Asylum, and of the school for the Deaf and Dumb, will long remember Mr. Patterson for his many good qualities, which so well befit him for the duties to which he was assigned. Mr. Patterson had just reached the prime of manhood, and it is sad to think that a career which promised so much for his race, has been terminated by a wretched class of ruffians. He was the superior of every man who participated in his murder, and the stone, which may be erected to his memory, will not only serve to commemorate his worth, but will mark the disgrace of the cowardly scoundrels who butchered him.


Weekly Mississippi Pilot, “Weekly Mississippi Pilot clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 3, 2023, http://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/860.

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