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Mississippi Fossils: Dunn-Seiler Museum

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This exhibit will take visitors on a journey through time to learn more about the geologic history and prehistoric life of North Mississippi demonstrated by specimens from the Dunn-Seiler Museum.

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Symbols of Our State: A Walk through Mississippi Culture and Industry

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Welcome to the Symbols of Our State: A Walk Through Mississippi Culture and Industry!

Learn more about the history of the State of Mississippi as you delve into official state symbols and important industries that have shaped the state into what it is today.

This exhibit was developed by the Mississippi State University Museums and Galleries Committee for the State of Mississippi's Bicentennial celebration in 2017.  The original exhibit was on display in the Old Main Building Gallery and was funded through a small grant by the Mississippi Humanities Council. Objects included in this exhibit are specimens from various collections, galleries, and museums across the Missisippi State campus.

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