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This is a campaign brochure for Congressman Sonny Montgomery's 1968 run for the United States House of Representatives.

Correspondence from William N. Bogan, Jr., to Juliette Chamberlin. Bogan served in World War II in the 283rd Combat Engineer Batallion. In this letter, Bogan describes hunting for deer and rabbit, and thanks Chamberlin for sending him candy, peanuts,…

Correspondence from Stewart H. "Bebe" Bridgforth to his parents, Robert and Theresa Bridgforth. In the letter, Bridgforth writes that reading his parents' correspondence about their livestock and crops makes him "feel closer to home."

The diary of Brigadier General William E. Brougher, a member of the United States Army who served in the Battle of Bataan. Brougher served in the Philippines from October 1939 and was eventually captured as a prisoner of war in 1942. He remained a…

Correspondence from James Franklin "Frank" Buchanan, a World War II Army veteran, to Charlie and Dot Smith. In this letter, Buchanan describes the cattle pastures he has seen while stationed in England. He also writes about not receiving any…

This is a handwritten postcard from Switzerland sent by Sonny Montgomery to his mother in 1946 in the aftermath of WWII.

MFM_MSS_833_1918_Letter-to Augusta-Mrs-CK-Brooks_001.jpg
Correspondence from Winnie Brooks to her brother and sister-in-law, Clyde and Augusta Brooks. Winnie served as a nurse at Camp Shelby during World War I. She writes, "I’ll be most awful glad when I leave been here a few months. I never worked until I…

Correspondence from Frank T. Jackson to his parents, Mr. & Mrs. William P. Jackson. In the letter, Frank expresses his deep shock after hearing of his brother, William, dying in action during World War II.

Correspondence from Billy Jackson to his parents. Jackson was fatally wounded at Nettuno, Italy, on 29 May 1944. In the letter, Jackson relates his pleasure in hearing that his friend, "Goober," married. He also speaks of his plans to marry someday…

This item is Sonny Montgomery's certificate recognizing his letter award for junior high football.
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