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Photograph of Alice Paul

Anti-suffrage Puck cartoon

Photograph of anti-suffrage association headquarters

Anti-Suffrage Flyer

Image of statue of liberty embracing suffragist

Belle Kearney.jpg
Photograph of Belle Kearney

Small color flyer promoting the campaign of Bill Waller, Jr. for re-election to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Contains biographical and professional information and two photographs.

Carrie Chapman Catt.jpg
Photograph of Carrie Chapman Catt

Image of cover page of Catherine Beecher's book titled The True Remedy for the Wrongs of Women and Woman Suffrage

The diary of Brigadier General William E. Brougher, a member of the United States Army who served in the Battle of Bataan. Brougher served in the Philippines from October 1939 and was eventually captured as a prisoner of war in 1942. He remained a…
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