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It appearing to the satisfaction of this Board, as well from the statements, acknowledgments and confessions of John C. Tucker himself as from the certified copies of the orders of the Board of Supervisors of Hinds county, now present before us, that John C. Tucker, Superintendent of Education of Hinds county, has, since his appointment to said office, been guilty of fraud, extortion and malfeasance in his said office, in this, to-wit:


And it further appearing that said Tucker, at the last meeting of this Board, to-wit: on the last day of May, 1871, in the office of this Board, and at its council table, did make a wicked, violent and malicious assault upon the Rev. James Lynch, a member of this Board, and then and there, in attendance on said Board, in the performance of his duties, and did then and there, in a rude, angry and violent and threatening manner, abuse, denounce and defame said James Lynch in the office of said Board, and in presence of all the members thereof, contrary to law, and in such manner as to render himself liable to indictment and imprisonment under the criminal laws of this State.




Semi-Weekly Clarion, “Semi-Weekly Clarion clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 2, 2023,

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