Letter from Stephen B. Blackwell to Governor Ames

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Letter from Stephen B. Blackwell to Governor Adelbert Ames, regarding rations for victims of the 1874 Mississippi River flood.



Document at the Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project. Original held at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History.

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June 6, 1874

Mayersville Miss
June 6th 1874

Governor A. Ames

Dear Sir

it is with pleagure to write you a few lines to ask who was the signer of the petition of Issaquena county for Government Rashen Governor the question is this we the People do not Think that the Recent overflower has done that much damage to the county, but think the party are only after skining for them themselfs your Hon. Please if it is possible to send the petition to me or the names of thos whom petition you for Rashins I and great many more of this county well be please to know as we well have the taxes to pay for said Rashins: write soon

Your Respectfully
S. B. Blackwell




Blackwell, Stephen B., 1849-, “Letter from Stephen B. Blackwell to Governor Ames,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed March 20, 2023, http://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/2214.

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