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Richard Griggs, Commissioner of Emigration being called upon, made a very shrewd speech, detailing how he obtained his position by "pulling the wires." He wasn't much of a speaker but very good Republican and a good wire-worker. There were lots of political wire-workers in the State, but he thought he was equal to the best. He had to pull the wires mightily at Jackson to get his present office. He said some of the eastern counties were doubtful and some Democratic, and he understood the Democrats were going to try to carry the Legislature, and to that end they would bend all their energies. He, Col. Griggs, held a very prominent position as Commissioner of Emigration, and he thought the future prosperity of the State depended upon him. The Democrats expect to carry the Legislature but if he could get the necessary appropriation he thought he could fill the eastern part of the State with good Republican voters imported through the medium of his office, and forever crush out the hopes of the Democrats. He was going to try to import all the Republican voters in the State that he possibly could. "You have got more politicians in this county than I ever saw anywhere else," said the classical Col. Griggs, "I meet one at every lamp post. You should work for the Legislature, it is the most importantest office in the State." Col Griggs was "no speaker, but a wheel-horse when you put him in the traces." He got his office (he wanted that understood) by "skillful wire working." It was his opinion that "Gen. Ames are going to be nominated for Governor by acclamation." He, Col. Griggs, knew what was what. He had been at Jackson two years and thought he understood his business as "a Legislature." Some questions had "arised" when he got the office, but he was too sharp. He meant to have an agent at New York and flood the State with Republicans. Them was the sort of emigrants he wanted.


While Col. Griggs was, in the language of a member of the Convention, making an ass of himself, the committee returned and stated that they were ready to report.





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