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Jacobs, Henry P.; Adams County (Miss.)

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The order of Gen. Ames removing John Cooney from the charge of the Poor House of Adams county, and appointing H. P. Jacobs (colored) therein, is an outrage. There is no such position known to the law as that to which Jacobs is appointed. The Commissioners of the Poor are appointed by the Board of Police. The Poor House is placed in their charge and they are made responsible - under penalties - for its faithful administration. They may conduct it as they see fit either farming it to the highest bidder or appointing a person to take charge. The present Board found the Poor House dismantled, without furniture without cooking utensils or any other conveniences. In their wisdom they made a contract with Mr. Cooney because he was in a condition to provide the Poor House with all necessary conveniences. This he did upon the terms proposed. The appointment of Jacobs violates the agreement, again dismantles the Poor House, produces hardships to paupers, great expense to the county, and upsets the business of the establishment. The appointment of Jacobs is an outrage, but such appointment, without first relieving the Board of Administrators of their responsibility, is a still greater one. It is, however, one of the least of the many high-handed pieces of unblushing injustice that Gen. Ames has perpetrated in his mad race for position through Radical support.





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