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A Present to Senator White.

A handsome gold-headed cane was yesterday sent to Jackson, to be presented to the Hon. G. W. White, the colored Senator from Wilkinson county. It will be remembered that Senator White was the only colored Senator who recorded his vote against the infamous Metropolitan Police bill on Wednesday, and the cane was sent to him as a recognition of his manliness and independence in doing what he believed to be right. In ten minutes after the present was suggested the money was in hand, and hundreds of our citizens were left to regret that they had no opportunity of contributing to this testimonial. The cane is a handsome one, very plain, with a solid, richly chased gold head. The inscription reads thus:

"To Hon G. W. White, from citizens of Vicksburg, February 24, 1875."

We understand that Senator Furlong is charged with presenting this testimonial from Vicksburg to his colored colleague, Senator White. The date fixes the day upon which the Senator cast the vote the cane commemorates. -Vicksburg Herald.

This man deserves to have his name recorded where it can be readily refered to at all times by the present and future generations of the citizens of Mississippi, and if he continues to act as honestly the remainder of his life he should have a monument erected to his memory.



Richland Beacon, “Richland Beacon clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 23, 2024,

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