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A Wonderful Revolution in the City of Lexington, Kentucky.

Special Dispatch to Cincinnati Enquirer,

Lexington, August 6. - Old Lexington has covered herself all over with glory. She has been bravely struggling for redemption ever since the enfranchisement of the negro, but never accomplished any thing substantial and definite until to-day. The Radicals, who have heretofore run over her rough-shod are now literally swept out of existence.

To gain an idea of the great victory achieved by the tax payers, it must be taken into account that at the last legislative election the Radicals carried the city by 1156 majority, whereas the Democracy were victorious to-day by 540 majority. The interest and excitement has, without exaggeration, been unprecedented, and it was an impressive scene to witness old gray-headed men, who ordinarily shun political work as being too boisterous for them, going around and exerting themselves to the utmost for Captain Tom Bush, the Democratic candidate, and using every argument to convince the negroes of the wrong they were doing themselves by supporting Mr. Tarleton, the Radical nominee.

The victory to-day, though primarily due to the desperation of the solid citizens, who were galled to death by the thought of being represented at Frankfort by a determined foe, was yet due in a great measure to the efforts of two eloquent colored men, Elder Wm. Gray and J. Allen Ross, who recently came here from Mississippi. They have toiled day and night, and imperiled their lives in the cause. After every speaking they had to be guarded to their homes, so intense was the feeling of the worst class of Radicals against them.

As an example of the state to which public feeling has been wrought up by this content, it might be stated that Henry Bell, the great St. Louis merchant, who resides here, informed Ross, the eloquent Democratic negro, this evening, that he would voluntarily lift a heavy mortgage Ross has on his paper, "The Visitor."



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