Letter from William H. Lynch to Governor Ames

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Letter from William H. Lynch to Governor Adelbert Ames, regarding aid for victims of the 1874 Mississippi River flood.



Document at the Civil War & Reconstruction Governors of Mississippi Project. Original held at the Mississippi Department of Archives & History.

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Natchez June 10th 1874
To His Excellency
Adelbert Ames
Governor of Mississippi

My Dear Sir

Your reply to my telegram of date June 6th was received this morning. And in reply would State that whoever was your informant is guilty of a bare misrepresentation of the facts as they Exist in the overflowed districts in this County. The laboring Classes are in more need now than they were at any time since high water. for the reason that since the water has begun falling. They the (laborers) are Endeavoring to pitch there crops, and as they cannot get advancements from the merchants until their crops are sufficiently advanced as to guarantee the merchant of his pay,

They the (laborers) have Either to abandon their crops in the overflowed districts and flocks to the towns in order to keep from starving.

I think however If rations could be furnished until such a time as the laborer could receive advancements on his corps which could be done in about 3 weeks Every thing would work right. There are about Six hundred who are actually suffering in this County. Every day applications are made to me for assistance. And I can only ask them to await the result of my appeal to the Governor.

Hoping you will see the necessancy of immediate action in our behalf, I am truly your Obedient Servant

Wm H. Lynch


Lynch, William H., active 1872-1888, “Letter from William H. Lynch to Governor Ames,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed March 3, 2024, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/2215.

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