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The following Card from Senator G. W. Albright, of Marshall county, will explain itself:

To the Editors of the Daily Times:

GENTLEMEN: The Vicksburg Herald of the 12th inst., under the caption of "A County Senator," asserts on the authority of an article from the Denver (Col.) News, that I am a graduate of the penitentiary of that State. This comports as near with the truth as is the custom of that paper, and other papers of its ilk, and I do not notice the article from any fear of its damaging me where myself and the editor of the Vicksburg Herald are both known. But, for the information of all others concerned, I will say that I was born and raised in Marshall county, Mississippi, and have never been out of the State except to Memphis, Tenn., and New Orleans. The impression sought to be made is as false as the source from which it comes.

Very respectfully,

To those acquainted with Senator Albright, a refutation of the foul charges, published in the Vicksburg Herald, is entirely unnecessary. He is a gentleman, and if the Vicksburg Herald man keeps his record as clear as Senator Albright's is, he will do well.



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