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A Large and Enthusiastic Gathering of Colored People in This City.

The meeting was called to order by Hon. W. D. Kelly of Topeka, chairman of the state central committee, at the court house in this city at 10:40 a.m. yesterday forenoon. The chairman briefly addressed the convention, and then proceeded to the election of a temporary chairman of the convention. On motion of W. J. Eagleston of Shawnee county, Mr. W. D. Kelly of Topeka was elected chairman of the convention. The next business before the convention was the election of a secretary, and on the motion of W. J. Eagleston, Mr. A. B. Smith was chosen secretary. After this had been done Mr. G. W. Albright arose and addressed the convention, saying that owing to the deficiency in the number of delegates elect, being present, he would move that the convention adjourn till 2 o'clock p.m., the motion being seconded the chairman put the question, and Mr. W. J. Eagleston of Shawnee county arose and objected to the question, on the ground that the committee on credentials should be appointed, whereupon Mr. Albright arose and withdrew his motion, and Mr. Eagleston moved to appoint the necessary committees, the chairman then appointed the following committees:

Committee on Credentials - G. W. Albright, chairman, Lyon county; W. P. Matthews of Leavenworth county; Wm. Saint Clair of Lyon county.



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