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Hon. G. W. Albright gave us a very pleasant call last Friday. He is candidate for State Senator of this district, and if he gets the nomination before the Republican convention, we will see him elected by a large majority next fall. This county has never done such a thing as electing a colored man to any office of trust, and it would seem but just that our man, G. W. Albright, of this township should receive the support of the Republicans of this county. He is well and favorably known throughout the county as an able man and a sound Republican. Mr. Albright is a man who controls a large number of votes, and nobody knows that better than the cranky office seekers of this county. Some time last spring this paper published an article stating his abilities and his fitness for that office with no intention of urging him into the race. We simply said what we knew to be a fact. But as soon as that article appeared before the people, many of the Republican leaders throughout the county urged him to run and agreed to stand by him. On the strength of what those men said, Mr. Albright proceeded to make a pretty thorough canvass and received encouragement from ever quarter. Some of those who were loudest in their declarations to stand by him are now trying to sneak out of it; while many who encouraged him to run, still stay with him. If those men who are now going back on him were insincere, and never meant what they said, they prove themselves simply to be an unreliable and treacherous set, and do not deserve the confidence or support of the colored race or white man of this county for any office. If Mr. Albright is elected our people never need regret it, for he is an energetic man, and will fill the office creditably. If things were so shaped that those men could not support him they should have told him so, but instead of which they made faithful promises and are now throwing their influence against him, and if he is as a white man would be he will spot the gentlemen and make it very unwholesome for them in the future.



Hartford Weekly Call, “Hartford Weekly Call clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 18, 2024, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/267.

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