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MILITIA APPOINTMENTS. By inquiry at the Secretary of State’s office we learn that commissions have been recently issued to the following militia officers:


Chickasaw County – First regiment: A. J. Jemmison, colonel; Ambrose Henderson, lieutenant-colonel.

DeSoto county – First county: William T. Nesbitt, colonel; Thos. McCain, lieutenant-colonel; H. Hillman, major. Second regiment: M. Campbell, colonel; Jeff. Evans, lieutenant-colonel.

Hinds county – First regiment: Marion Smith, colonel; J. A. Galbreath, Jr., lieutenant-colonel; John Tipton, major. Second regiment: Chas. Caldwell, colonel; E. D. Fisher, lieutenant-colonel; Monroe Bell, major.

Lowndes county – First regiment: H. W. Whitfield, colonel; Robert Gleed, lieutenant-colonel; E. Eggleston, major.

Madison county – First regiment: R. J. Ross, colonel; E. S. Jeffrey, lieutenant-colonel; J. J. Spellman, major.

Oktibbeha county – First regiment: H. C. Powers, colonel; W. E. Saunders, lieutenant-colonel; Randall Nettles, major.

Tunica county – First regiment: J. W. Manning, colonel; Gilbert Smith, lieutenant-colonel; Ed. Carter, major.

Jefferson county – First regiment: H. B. McClure, colonel; M. Howard, lieutenant-colonel; Wm. Landers, major.

Arms were shipped to Capt. Pat. Henry’s company, A, First regiment, Rankin county militia, on Monday last.


Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 23, 2024,

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