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GREENVILLE, August 14, 1875.

To the Editors of the Pilot:

Pursuant to call, the Republicans of Washington County assembled at the court-house in Mass Convention. Hon. Wm. Gray called the meeting to order, and after explaining the object of the gathering, on motion, Wm. Gray was elected Chairman, and E. Stafford was chosen Secretary.

The Chair announced that the Convention was ready for business.

On motion of J. D. Werles, a committee of five was appointed to report names of suitable persons to represent Washington county in the Republican State Convention at Jackson, on the 25th inst., and in the Congressional Convention of the 4th District, at Canton, on the 20th - the same delegates to act in both Conventions.

On the retirement of the committee, Judge Stafford was called on to address the Convention, which he did in one of his best efforts, and which was well received, and had a marked effect for the union and harmony of the party.

The committee reported the following as delegates, which report was unanimously adopted: Wm. Gray, C. C. Shackleford, J. D. Werles, F. D. Webster, J. Allen Ross.

On motion, a committee of five was appointed by the Chair, to whom all resolutions were referred.

A committee of five was also appointed to report the names of twenty suitable persons as delegates to the county Convention from District No. 3, said Convention to be holden on the 13th of September, for the purpose of nominating candidates for the Legislature and county offices.

The following are the delegates reported by the committee, and chosen by the Convention: Wm. Gray, Andrew Johnson, C. W. Clarke, A. W. Shadd, A. G. Pearce, J. W. Piles, Doctor Stites, Richard Walbrow, Chas. Thomas, D. E. Young, Edmond Barr, Julius Landan, W. H. Young, Chas. Bell, J. D. Webster, J. Allen Ross, M. R. Pierce, G. W. Walker, Gilbert Horton, Robert Haynes.

The committee on resolutions reported the following, and after considerable animated discussion on a motion to strike out the 3d and 4th resolutions, the report was adopted:

Resolved, That we, the Republicans of Washington county, are opposed to anything that looks like drawing the Color Line in politics; that we regard it as destructive to the interest and prosperity of both races, and also of the State.

Resolved, That we will support no man for office but men who are honest and competent.

Resolved, That we condemn all disorderly conduct on the part of any citizen, and we hereby pledge the officers of the county our earnest support and assistance to suppress the same.

Resolved, That the Delegates to the Congressional Convention are hereby instructed to vote first, last, and all the time, for A. Warner for member of Congress from the 4th District.

Resolved, That the delegates to the State Convention are hereby instructed to cast their votes for M. L. Holland for State Treasurer, and C. W. Clarke for District Attorney, for the 11th Judicial Districts.

Resolved, That it is the sense of this meeting that Wm. Gray be the candidate of the Republican party of this county for Sheriff, and the delegates of this Beat be instructed to cast the vote of the precinct for him.

Resolved, That the Convention instruct for no other candidates for office, as there are many candidates for the various offices, and that they may all have an equal chance in the nominating Convention.

Resolved, That the thanks of this Convention be tendered to Hon. Wm. Gray, Chairman, and Hon. E. Stafford, Secretary, for the able and impartial manner with which they have discharged their duties as officers of this Convention; and that the proceedings of this meeting be published in all the Republican papers of this State.

The Convention was addressed by Wm. Gray, E. Stafford, O. C. French, C. W. Clarke, J. D. Webster, and others, in stirring speeches; and though great enthusiasm prevailed, the meeting was a model of good order and harmony.

On motion, the Convention adjourned.

WM. GRAY, Chm'n.


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