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RANKIN DARKIES SNUBBED. A large delegation of Rankin darkies, who had been promised big fat offices last summer, if they would quit their work and go to lying for McKee and Lynch, wended their way to Jackson last week, dressed up in their best coats and bee-gum hats, to receive their reward. Big Injun Beverly Patterson, informed us before leaving that he was to be made Doorkeeper of the House - that the whole matter had been arranged, and he was certain to get the office. When the election came off, Big Injun only got one vote, and after remaining there the whole week, and telling the little Yanks how hard he had worked for the cause, what an immense influence he wielded in this region and what immense sacrifices he had made, still hoping to get a small crumb, he at last borrowed enough money to get home on, and returned with a determination never to vote for another carpet-bagger - be he white or black. Wilson Hicks also made a little "speriment" for an office, and failing to make the connection, he has concluded that we told him the truth about carpet-baggers generally, and Jim Lynch in particular. All the offices were given to Yankee sneaks, and Rankin darkies came back very much disgusted. -Brandon Republican.


Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 23, 2024,

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