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Shaw University.

At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of Shaw University, held in the city of Jackson, on Wednesday the 22d day of June 1870, the Hon. James Lynch was called to the chair and Wm. M. Compton appointed secretary.

The proceedings of the meeting were opened with prayer by the Rev. W. G. Millsaps.

At the request of the Chairman Rev. A. C. McDonald, explained the object of the meeting to be the permanent organization of the Board, by the election of such officers as are required by the charter. In the course of his remarks Mr. McDonald gave a very interesting account of the rise and progress of the institution, and a most encouraging report of its friends. Located in the city of Holly Springs, and enjoying the benefit of all those surroundings which conduce to health and comfort, in the midst of a friendly community, this University now owns about $20,000 dollars worth of property and has at this time more than one hundred pupils within its walls.

The Board proceeded with the election of permanent officers which resulted by acclamation as follows:

Gen. A. M. West, President.
Hon. W. L. Jones, Secretary.
Rev. R. S. Rust, Treasurer.

Thus organized the Board went forward to the selection of a President for the University. Rev. A. C. McDonald was unanimously elected.

On motion it was resolved that the President, Secretary and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, and the President of the University shall be authorized to select a faculty for the ensuing twelve months.

It was agreed and determined that the regular annual meeting of the Board shall be held in the city of Holly Springs on the last Wednesday in June, commencing with 1871; and the Secretary was instructed to give to the members a timely reminder of this regulation.

It was resolved that each member of the Board of Trustees be requested to make an endeavor to send one student to the University free of cost to said student or his friends.

On motion it was resolved that an Executive Committee be appointed, charged with the duty of completing the present University buildings, as well as preparing such rules and regulations as may be necessary for the wholesome government of the Institution.

The following members of the Board were chosen as said committee:

Rev. A. C. McDonald, Chairman, Hon. R. W. Flournoy, Rev. S. H. Scott, Hon. J. A. Moore, Hon. Merriman Howard, Rev. W. G. Millsaps.

The meetings of the Executive Committee to be ordered by the Chairman until otherwise provided for.

Resolved, That the Hon. J. Aaron Moore be requested to present the claims of this University to the consideration of the Legislature now in session, with a view to an appropriation from the Treasury of the State, and that Dr. Wm. M. Compton be requested to assist him in the preparation of such resolutions, bills, or addresses as may be deemed necessary to accomplish the purpose.

On motion it was resolved, That those newspapers in this State friendly to the enterprise, be requested to publish these proceedings.

On motion the Board adjourned to meet in the city of Holly Springs on the last Wednesday in June, 1871.

JAMES LYNCH, Chairman.
WM. M. COMPTON, Sec'y.


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