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MR. PRESIDENT: The select committee, to whom was referred the matter of contest for seats from the Twenty-fourth Senatorial District, between Messrs. J. F. Griffin and Nathan Shirley, have investigated the same and make the following report:

Your committee find that both Mr. Griffin and Mr. Shirley hold certificates of election from the Secretary of State. Mr. Griffin holding, also, a commission from the Governor, R. C. Powers, for the office of Senator from the twenty-fourth District, all of which is hereby submitted.

They find further from testimony taken, which is likewise herewith submitted to the Senate, that the registrars in Monroe county rejected two boxes, to-wit: The Muldon box and the Crawford Mill box. That the only reason for rejecting those boxes was that at the Muldon box one of the judges of election was not a qualified elector, being under twenty-one years of age; the Crawford Mill box, because it was not brought to the county seat until after 12 o'clock, M., of third day after the election. It is not claimed or contended that any fraud was practiced at either of said boxes by reason of the irregularities named.

By excluding these two boxes, Mr. Griffin has a majority of 374 over Mr. Shirley in Monroe county, which overcomes the majority of Mr. Shirley in Chickasaw county; but by including the boxes named Mr. Shirley has a majority and is elected.

Your committee are of the opinion that the registrars had no power or authority to reject either of said boxes and if they had the power at all, no sufficient cause existed for rejecting either.

It is, therefore, the conclusion of your committee that Mr. Nathan Shirley is entitled to a seat in this body as a Senator from the Twenty-fourth Senatorial District, having received a majority of the votes of the qualified electors of said district. With a view to effect that end, your committee recommend the adoption of the accompanying resolution.

WM. GRAY, Chairman.

Report received.

Resolved, by the Senate, That Nathan Shirley having been duly elected as Senator from the Twenty-fourth Senatorial District, is entitled to his seat as a Representative from said district.


Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed March 3, 2024,

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