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Educator and Statesman.

The Chickasaw Messenger publishes the following as a copy verbatim et literatim et punctuatim of a letter written by the Radical Senator from that District to one of his constituents, during the late session of the Legislature:

Dear sir
this evening I take the Liberty of writing To you informin you of ye Relief Bill inrelation To the Mississippi Reportes We have A Bout To Bring Our Legislation To A Close we have Done all that we Could inpromoting the general Good of all We have Reduce Taxation Debated Taxes on Delinquent Reail and Personal Propity all prior To 1874 I will see your Bill ingrossed and inrolled and approved by the Governor So that you can be Releaved

Your Very truely
N. Shirley Sent

The Messenger says that while the "Sent" (scent?) is not engaged in the arduous duties of lawmaker, he employs himself teaching a public school, at least he is on the pay roll of the County Superintendent in that capacity.



Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed March 3, 2024,

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