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Dallasaurus turneri PB.jpg
(DSM# CH) It is believed that mosasaurs gave birth to live babies rather than laying eggs. These very small vertebrae could belong to the small species of mosasaur listed here or they may be the backbones of the baby of a much larger species.

Enchodus petrosus saber toothed herring.jpg
(DSM DH13) Extinct family of large fish sometimes called the "saber-toothed herring". Enchodus were common in Late Cretaceous seas and survived the K-Pg extinction event. They went extinct in the Eocene.

(DSM# 10757) Steinkern (internal mold) of clam. There is only one living genus in the family Arcticidae.

1855 Pyropsis septemlirata PB.jpg
(DSM# 1855) Extinct genus of marine snail

Gyrodes sp PB.jpg
(DSM# M76) Extinct species - This species of Gyrodes (moon snail) was a relatively common predatory snail found in the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway.

Lunatia PB Ok.jpg
(DSM# M50) Extant genus - Lunatia (moon snail) are predatory snails that feed primarily on clams and oysters.

Conus PB Okt.jpg
(DSM# M38) Extant genus - Conus sp. (cone snail) are marine snails that hunt and feed upon vertebrates and invertebrates. Living cone snails are highly poisonous.

Pterocerella sp PB.jpg
(DSM# 10667) Extinct genus - Pterocerella (pelican foot snail) was a highly ornamented detritivore (bottom feeding) species of snail.
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