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Cretelamna appendiculata mosa site.jpg
(DSM# 10753) Extinct family of predatory shark that may be the ancestor of mega-toothed shark such as Megalodon and Otodus.

Mosasaur 2 Fixed background.jpg
(DSM# 10716) Extinct family of predatory marine reptiles. This species of mosasaur could grow up to 60 feet in length.

Mosasaurus Quadrate.jpg
(DSM# 10743) The quadrate is the place where the jaw articulates with the skull of the creature.

Mosasaur quadrate and jaw.jpg
(DSM# CH16) This represents a small species of Mosasaur. Post cranials of this specimen have also been found and excavated.

Paranomia scabra Morton PB.jpg
(DSM# 10746) Very little is known about this extremely thin-shelled marine bivalve though it is quite common in some regions.

Squalicorax prisnodontus kaupi.jpg
(DSM# 10752) Extinct family of scavenging shark.
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