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Julia 12.jpg
3 people in the streets with typical dresses, a fourth is blurred. A man in suit with a colorful typical blanket and with a hat with decorations, a woman with orange dressed and hat in the shape of a butterfly, and a man in black suit with tie and a…

Julia 16.jpg
A woman with marigolds walking in the cemetery at San Miguel de Allende. other people is walking around the tombs. Una mujer camina con flores en el cementerio de San Miguel de Allende. Otra gente está caminando alrededor de las tumbas.

Julia 7.jpg
A brown door, with an arch of yellow flowers in the top with the shape of angel wings. Puerta marrón, con un arco de flores amarillas arriba con la forma de alas de angel.

Tumba con flores-dia de los muertos-Kraker-SMdeAllende-2022.jpg
At cemetery, white granite (?) grave tomb monument covered with marigold orange flowers, at the bottom a vase with white flowers. In the background, a fenced tomb monument with an arch of orange marigolds, more tomb monuments, and trees. En el…
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