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Image from Basic Irland's video Riverberations

A mural depicting Dozens of paper doilies decorated with limbless torsos and severed heads illustrate the way in which rival drug cartels have divided up the country.

It features a man with a brush scrubbing the stripes off what appears to be a zebra. However the animal is in fact a donkey painted to look like a zebra.

A mural showing a Mexican mother in tears embracing her love while being surrounded by birds.

A showing mural, a cartel member is being attacked by a flock of doves as an accordion player strains to get a note out of his instrument.

A mural showing the moms' unrelenting agony as they wait decades to bury the bodies of their missing children.

A mural showing a figure in a lucha libre mask riding an enormous bird.

the_blued_trees_symphony_overture (Original).mov
Video displaying Aviva Rahman's project Blued Trees Symphony

Two pages (one containing two people playing chess with a road in the background and the other page containing three people riding an automobile alongside some sketches containing the same, three characters and two different ones)
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