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Photograph of two unidentified servicepersons in front of a building.

Photograph of Stewart H. "Bebe" Bridgforth at camp.

Photograph of Neil Bogan, Jr., and Ann Hefti sitting on the front steps of a building.

Photograph of Earl Southworth "Southy" Williford with two unidentified men in front of statue of Stephen D. Lee. Williford appears at the far right of the image.

Photograph of Mississippi A&M students of 1919 who were involved in World War I.

Photograph of an unidentified Black serviceperson and woman.

Photograph of F. Warren Oakley and his wife Mary and daughter Florence. The couple's first child was born as F. W. Oakley made his way home after serving in France during Word War II.

Photograph of F. Warren Oakley and his wife Mary. This photograph was most likely taken soon after the couple married on 23 October 1943.

Buchanan 01.jpg
Photograph of James Franklin Buchanan, a 1932 graduate of Mississippi State College.

Photograph of Earl Southworth Williford. Williford was a native of Carroll County, Mississippi and a 1917 graduate of Mississippi A&M.
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