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Arch at the Cemetery of Oaxaca, Day of the Dead.
An arch in the cemetery in Oaxaca, MX.

Rosa-hombre en cementerio-)axaca2016.jpg
Man and his family at the cemetery in the middle of the night during the celebration of the Day of the Dead. The man in sitting in a chair lighting candles around the tomb. His young daughter is sitting in the back of his chair. His wife and young…

Tumba con flores-dia de los muertos-Kraker-SMdeAllende-2022.jpg
At cemetery, white granite (?) grave tomb monument covered with marigold orange flowers, at the bottom a vase with white flowers. In the background, a fenced tomb monument with an arch of orange marigolds, more tomb monuments, and trees. En el…

Loggers harvesting trees In Winston County Mississippi

Loggers harvesting trees In Winston County Mississippi

Salt Core from Mississippi

Magnolia Flower close up

Cotton Boll Close up

Red Fox Pelt close up

Petrified Wood
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