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Mosasaur Small 2x2 sticker.jpg
Dunn-Seiler Museum sticker by Amy Moe-Hoffman from January 2022

Dr Paul Heaney Dunn 1895-1967 Dept Head 1934-1962.jpg
Photograph of Dr. Paul Heaney Dunn, Head of the Department of Geology and Geography at Mississippi State from 1934-1962

Franklin Carl Seiler 1916_1945 (1).jpg
Mr. Franklin Carl Seiler was Instructor of Geology, Department of Geology and Geography from 1937-1944.

Cenozoic Column.jpg

Mesozoic column.jpg

Paleozoic column.jpg

Time chart large.jpg
This chart shows the way geologic time is broken down into smaller spans of time called Eons, Eras, Periods, and Epochs. The top of the chart is current time, labeled as 0 Ma (0 years before present). The bottom of the chart represents the beginning…

Exogyra costata are commonly found in the Cretaceous strata in northeast Mississippi. This example from the Dunn-Seiler Museum shows damage to the growth lines that were repaired as the creature grew.

Pterocerella sp PB.jpg
(DSM# 10667) Extinct genus - Pterocerella (pelican foot snail) was a highly ornamented detritivore (bottom feeding) species of snail.

3257 Pugnellus densatus.jpg
(DSM# 3257/FK143) An extinct genus of marine snail.
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