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BE_Reflection Prompts_Pilot_Final.pdf

Allison_AI art.png
An AI-generated image of Allison, she is without her blue streaks in this image, and wearing a larger blue hat than normal. This image was prompted using Midjourney, allowing it to use my landscape and portrait of Allison as reference.

A portrait of Allison, a pale girl with blue eyes, blonde-and-blue streaked, curly hair, and a frilly dress.

Chaotic Topography.png
Image created in Midjourney depicting a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes of yarn-crafted items. This piece was made to resemble nature through the use of bright colors and yarn, and the end result is reminiscent of a Jim Henson-esque coral reef,…

An AI rendition of Aretha Franklin’s 1977 album Almighty Fire.

Image generated using Midjourney that depicts a person wearing eclectic, colorful knit clothing with yarn in their hands. The background of the image is filled with various shapes and sizes of yarn-crafted items. The person has a collage and/or…

An Image created from a AI image software named "Midjourney". It is a man screaming to the top of his lungs with a blindfold on, surround by blood. The image is supposed to signify the inner Rage inside a person and the rage one person can hold and…

Angry red dachshund snarling over a plate of chicken.

Darlene is an immortal, evil deity that takes the form of a four-eared sheep wearing pink leather high-heeled boots and a small coquette bow around its neck. This work depicts darlene standing in front of the floral wallpaper of its mansion.

An ai generated art piece or image based on the stylized, anime like style of a woman with red eyes, white hair, and wearing a nun outfit of some sort wielding a gun with blood dripping from her mouth. Lots of reds and black used. An explorative take…
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