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This is a photograph of Sonny Montgomery as a young toddler circa 1921.

This is a photograph of Sonny Montgomery as a player with his teammates on the Mississippi State University varsity men's basketball team in early 1940s.

This item is Sonny Montgomery's certificate recognizing his letter award for junior high football.

This is a photograph of Sonny Montgomery with his mother, Mrs. Emily Jones Tims.

This is a photograph of Sonny Montgomery shaking hands with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

Sonny Montgomery pictured at the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in Italy for U.S. soldiers killed in action in WWII.

This is a photograph of Congressman Sonny Montgomery as a delegate to the 1974 Democratic Party Conference on Party Organization and Policy in Kansas City, Missouri.

This is a campaign brochure for Congressman Sonny Montgomery's 1968 run for the United States House of Representatives.

This is a photograph from the Mississippi State University Reveille yearbook that depicts Sonny Montgomery as a football manager for the MSU football team during his college years.

Photograph of Congressman Sonny Montgomery, left, walking with his close friend, the late 41st President of the United States George H.W. Bush.
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