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of Washington county. There is no use denying the fact, Mr. W.'s great ambition is to be a leader in the House. But there are so many who wish to be recognized as "leaders," that it is difficult to decide who is the real leader. The consequence is, that all of them inform themselves as much as possible on all matters coming up before them, and we get good legislation. Mr. W. has a good mind, analyzes a subject carefully, and detects a flaw very quickly. When he speaks he is very nervous, and his fore finger - which is always outstretched, while the others are doubled up - trembles like a limb of a tree before an angry wind. His lips also quiver, and a person can readily discover that his feelings are worked up to a high pitch. He is rather tall in stature, brown complexion, has a butting head, and a pleasant countenance. He is a native of Virginia; came into the State in 1869; was appointed Clerk of the Circuit Court of Washington county by Governor Alcorn, and was elected to the Legislature in 1871. He served in the 54th Massachusetts regiment during the war, and was quarter-master sergeant. He is a member of the bar of Washington county; Chairman of the Committee on Registration in the Legislature, and chairman of the sub-committee which was recently appointed to investigate charges against Judge Alderson.





New National Era, “New National Era clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 10, 2023,

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