Record from Home for Disabled Soldiers

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Record for Charles P. Clemens, who died November 29, 1895, of a cerebral hemorrhage.

Time and Place of Enlistment: Aug 31st, 1864, Greenville, Ohio

Rank: Pt
Company and Regiment: A, 45th USCT

Time and Place of Discharge: June 8, 1865, Portsmouth, Va

Cause of Discharge: Order W Dept

Kind and Degree of Disability: Gastritis, Ht disease, etc.

Where Born: Ohio

Age: 48

Height: 5 5

Complexion: Lt

Color of Eyes: Bro

Color of Hair: Blk

Read and Write: Yes

Religion: Prot

Occupation: Engineer

Residence Subsequent to Discharge: Piqua, Ohio

Married or Single: Wid

Name and Address of Nearest Relative: Daughter, Mrs. Nora Brown, Piqua, Ohio





Dayton Home for Disabled Soldiers, “Record from Home for Disabled Soldiers,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 9, 2023,

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