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Marshall, James G., -1891; Stone, John Marshall, 1830-1900

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Gov. Stone.

Mississippi boasts a Governor of whom, it may be said, he has -

"Courage, wit,
An even temper, and an ample soul;
Rock-round and fortified against assaults
Of transitory passions."

The Grenada Sentinel pays him this deserved tribute:

Governor Stone is regarded by a portion of the Radical press of the north as a terrible man in the bulldozing business. Holding the sceptre of executive authority in Mississippi, it is supposed by many of the credulous good folks of the north, that when he goes out amongst the colored people of the State, he is armed with a revolving battery, hurling missils of death right and left, while darkies fall by squads and platoons to the great delight of our truly great, kind-hearted and mild-mannered Governor. When they learn that this same official has appointed J. G. Marshall (a colored man) to fill the office of circuit clerk in Washington county, in place of A. N. Wells, deceased, their curiosity, if not alarm, will be raised to the highest pitch; and our great Governor will, for awhile at least, be watched as one preparing to blow up this nation with a big N. in case Hancock is not elected, with a charge of dynamite that will send it into kingdom come, with its dissevered fragments darkening universal space.





Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 22, 2023,

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