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HOMICIDE AT CLINTON. We learn that on Saturday evening a difficulty occured at Clinton, in this county, between a white man, named N. D. Scales, and a negro, named Eugene Wilbourn, during which the former was killed by the latter. It appears that Mr. Scales had accused the negro of riding his horse on a recent occasion without authority, the negro retorted by calling him a liar. Mr. Scales struck the negro in the face when the negro knocked Mr. S. down, and as he rose from the ground stabbed him in the breast with a long sheath knife, killing him instantly. The negro was arrested but was afterwards released on $5,000 bond. We learn there was much indignation on the part of the people at the course of the officials in releasing him. The negro was one of Alcorn's constables. Mr. Scales had two months ago insured his life in the Continental. He had thus, by timely consideration and forethought, provided for his family in their sudden and unlooked for bereavement and deprivation.





Semi-Weekly Clarion, “Semi-Weekly Clarion clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 2, 2023,

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