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Welborne, Eugene Bonaparte; Caldwell, Charles, -1875; Morgan, A. T. (Albert Talmon); Miscegenation

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During those melancholy days Hinds county had a negro sheriff named Harney, together with other negro scalawag and carpetbag officials, as well as negro members of the board of supervisors and negro constables. It also had a negro member of the state senate named Charles Caldwell, killed in Clinton after the riot. Caldwell was one of the most daring negroes of his day. He was a slayer of two white men. He was the dominant factor in the Republican party of Hinds county. He was the Warwick of the carpetbag administration of Adelbert Ames, and the dispenser of carpetbag patronage. There was a negro member of the legislature named Eugene Welborne. After the revolution of 1875 the Welbournes nestled on the federal treasury in Washington, being given a place in the Interior Department, as was also the carpetbagger, A. T. Morgan, of Yazoo, who married a negro school teacher here in Jackson while a state senator. One of the first acts of Hon. L. Q. C. Lamar as Secretary of the Interior under the Cleveland administration was to incontinently dismiss Welbourne, Morgan and that ilk.




Hinds County Gazette, “Hinds County Gazette clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed September 22, 2023, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/1214.

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