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Welborne, Eugene Bonaparte; Slaves--Emancipation--America

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Committees Appointed by President Chase to Complete Arrangements.

Mr. W. Calvin Chase, president of the twenty-ninth anniversary of the emancipation of slaves in the District of Columbia, has appointed the following committees to perfect arrangements for the celebration: Arrangements - Chas. H. Watson, chairman; W. H. Jones, Robt. R. Browne, Geo. H. Boston, Wm. H. Brown, Mortimore Dorsey, J. B. Douglass, Robert Toles, John H. Harris, Logan Williams, C. S. Mosby, R. R. Chisolm, Capt. Wm. P. Gray, J. B. Ballard, Walter Welborne, Col. Geo. M. Arnold, Gus Nelson, Bernard West, D. W. Butler, J. McRogers, A. St. A. Smith, Marcellus West, Daniel Valer, Hamilton Turley. Finance - E. B. Welborne, chairman; F. B. Cooper, J. W. Fowler, Simon Packer, Maj. W. C. Cox, James Turner, W. S. Dupee, Fred. Fowler, Lieut. Collins, Fred. Collins, P. J. Crenshaw, Daniel Stillyard. Speakers - W. H. Jackson, chairman; Capt. J. S. Coolidge, R. J. Rush, Dr. C. B. Crusor, Moses Anderson. Music - William H. Lee, chairman; P. A. Dixon and H. P. Pryor. Military - Maj. C. A. Fleetwood, Capt. T. S. Coolidge, Capt. James A. Perry, Capt. T. S. Kelly, Capt. Oglesby. Executive - Geo. H. Boston, chairman; Major W. C. Cox, W. U. Jackson, A. St. A. Smith, W. H. Simpson, Robert M. Browne, B. and M. West, Gus Nelson, James Turner, Logan Williams, Wm. Crawford.

An order has been issued stating that no district organization or any citizen of a district is authorized to collect funds for the emancipation celebration unless by authority of the committee.

No book is genuine unless it contains the names of the committee on finance and is countersigned by the president and secretary.





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