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Hill, James, 1846-1903; African American newspapers

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Jim Hill's Paper.

A new Republican paper was started here yesterday. It is the Mississippi State Register, and the name of James Hill appears at its head as editor and publisher. Hill is the leading Republican of the State. He was put out of office by President Roosevelt and his course is watched with peculiar interest on this account. The first issue of his paper is very conservative in its references to the present administration.

On the racial question the paper says:

"At this time, when racial differences are being so much discussed, we feel it to be the duty of every patriotic citizen, of whatever race or creed, to lend his best efforts to the promotion of peace and harmony between the races, especially in this beautiful Southland of ours.

"Racial prejudices, however strong, should not be permitted to lead us into incendiary utterances, blind us to the demands of common justice, in our business relations with each other. The two races are here. This is the home of the negro, as well as the white man. All his interests material or otherwise, are here. He could not get away if he would, and few desire to do so. He is part and parcel of the body politic and desires to so remain.

"Fair treatment in the struggle of life, reasonable compensation for reasonable service, justice before the law, are his reasonable demands, and should, in our judgement, be readily accorded him by all reasonable men."





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