Letter to Zusa

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Law Offices of Cornelius J. Jones.

Admitted to practice in United States Supreme Court, Departments at Washington, D. C., and committees of Congress

Muskogee, Ind. Ter., Oct 15 1904

You had better place your money in the bank, and draw as you need it

Dear Zusa,

I wrote you some few days since, and I suppose you have already received the letter and answered it; But as I promised to write you again soon and send you some money, I send you $100.00 today by money order. You must use your own judgment about selling things. I don't care for you to sell anything but some of those chairs, lamps, the cow, and such other small things. But all our pictures, household goods and things you may be ready to pack them when ever I send you word. Those rocking chairs, and round back office chairs, you may not sell any of them. You sell those other chairs; but if you think best, you need not sell any of them. But you will sell the cow, for it is too much expense to bring her up here. You don't need to spend any of this money for paying any of my debts there. Of course if you have made debts there for your own management of the house and yourself, you pay them all as you think best. Love to all. I am in a little hurry this morning so I close. Will write more fully later on. Tell Quinsella I will write her soon. Your own ?





Jones, Cornelius J., 1858-1931, “Letter to Zusa,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed June 5, 2023, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/1273.

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