Letter to Sarah

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Letter from Cornelius J. Jones to his sister, Sarah Jones Sadler.


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Cornelius J. Jones
Chief Counsel
Civil War Revenue Cotton Tax Claimants
516 North Seventh Street
Muskogee, Oklahoma

January 21st, 1929

Dear Sister Sarah:

I dreamed of you last night, and this morning I write to let you know that I am with you in spirit, and as I saw you in the spirit, I know you must be in good faith. I hope this letter may find you in splendid health, for it leaves me just fine. I am enjoying best health since I have been a man. I wish the best health for Callie, and likewise the other children when you heard from them last. I also write to say that the white claimants made another break for that money last week or so ago, and your old brother was Charlie on the Dot, and I met them on the swing on fourth of this month, and nothing is to be done until they count us in it. Sister, I pray every day and get such wholesome inspiration from prayer that God makes me just a dominator over Satan, and I am not afraid of old Satan than I am any other old drag Nasty. I am his Boss, for in God's name I move every day and in His presence there I shall triumph in every contest. I am so glad you are in such happy surroundings, and we both are vastly fortunate to be children of His love and guidance. Let me hear from you at any time and let us enjoy these days in as much peace as possible, both in body and spirit and daily prepare for His coming for us. I do not mean that I am tired of serving the place He established me in, here on earth, but to the contrary, I mean to rejoice in His wonderful mercy and love and thereby live in happiness here preparatory for living in happiness over there. Be good and cheerful. Mrs. Bowers sends her best regards to each of you, and she too asks to assure you of her hope and determination to serve properly the mission of a useful life to all.

Yours as ever,
L. B.





Jones, Cornelius J., 1858-1931, “Letter to Sarah,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed October 1, 2023, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/1276.

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