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Tempest in a Tea-pot.

The following extract refers to the sister of our Secretary of State [James D. Lynch]. Her appointment as Post-mistress at Beaufort, South Carolina, appears to have created quite an excitement in that town. The facts of the case awake very unpleasant reflections, and make men whose hearts are in sympathy with the people of this generous Southern country yearn for the time when the days of passion having past away, those people will rise to the height of the good sense which gives a frank and free acceptance to the inevitable. Who are they that strive with the rising of the ocean tide? Let this extract touching the appointment of Postmistress Lynch point out the people who make a struggle equally hopeless and silly:


The announcement of the appointment of Miss J. M. Lynch, as Postmistress, caused some severe remarks to be made by some of our citizens along Bay street, on Saturday last, and Mr. Mayo, to show his disapproval, twisted his flag half mast high, union down. A large crowd soon gathered, which were addressed by Lieut. Colonel DeLaney, Hon. Robert Smalls Hon. P. Ezekel and Mr. Gleaves. It was said that it was a sign of rebellion, and the crowd became much incensed at Mr. Mayo's conduct. Mr. Gleaves went and told him that if he did not haul it down the consequences would fall upon him. The Hon. C. S. Kuh and Mr. J. Kuetchly did their utmost to pacify the crowd, and on the flag being taken down they dispersed peaceably. -New South, Beaufort, S. C.




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