Fundraising Letter from Katallagete

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Letter from Will D. Campbell, director of Katallagete, the magazine of the Committee of Southern Churchmen, and James Y. Holloway, the publication's editor, urging recipients to contribute to a fund in support of Fannie Lou Hamer.



Hamer, Fannie Lou; Campbell, Will D.; Holloway, James Y., 1927-2002

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KATALLAGETE - Be Reconciled
Journal of the Committee of Southern Churchmen

Will D. Campbell, Director
Box 12044
Nashville, Tennessee 37212
615) 242-2448

James Y. Holloway, Editor
CPO 936
Berea, Kentucky 40403
606) 986-8218

Dear Friend:

The business of a magazine is not generally that of fund raising for any cause save its own survival. We feel that the name of ours dictates otherwise. Certainly for such a cause as the one we are about to put before you.

Most of you know, or know of, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer of Sunflower County, Mississippi. You have heard her speak or you were moved by her impassioned pleas at the past two Democratic National Conventions. You know of the physical injuries she has suffered because of who she is and what she seeks to do, and of the continued threats and harrassment she and her family live under every day. Many of you are familiar with her efforts as the principal figure in a food stamp program in this most poor area of her state and of the recent modest steps into cooperative farming for the growing, canning, and freezing of vegetables for the families of the vicinity.

All the while, her home is a center for social justice, reconciliation, and love. It is visited by many, many people from inside and outside the state, friendly and unfriendly - newsmen, medical researchers, students, the FBI, teachers, people looking for the human qualities which they invariably find at the Hamer's home.

Perhaps you did not know that the house which is combination social center, welfare office, civil rights headquarters and home for five people is little more than a shack. (At this point the reader is expected to reach for his checkbook or wallet for at least as much as you will spend for today's lunch.) The house is beyond repair. Mr. and Mrs. Hamer have secured a larger and more durable house - despite the fact that Mr. Hamer is no longer able to find employment because of the work of his wife. FUNDS are needed badly and immediately to move the house to a desirable and more convenient lot in Ruleville on which they have an option but not the means to purchase. We have accepted the goal of raising enough funds to purchase the lot, move the house, and do as much renovation on it as the amount raised will permit. We are not talking about a large sum of money. But please remember that this letter is going to a very small number of people - namely the Katallagete circulation. As we said, a small number of people.

Checks are payable to "The Hamer Fund." A return envelope is enclosed. The contribution is not tax deductible, an added reason for asking you to give. If you have questions call either the Nashville or Berea numbers. We are bearing the expense of this appeal so that all funds will be sent directly to Mrs. Hamer.

We thank you,

Will D. Campbell

James W. Holloway


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Campbell, Will D.; Holloway, James Y., 1927-2002, “Fundraising Letter from Katallagete,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 4, 2023,

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