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Campaign platform of Fannie Lou Hamer during her run for the Mississippi state senate in 1971.



Hamer, Fannie Lou; African Americans; Mississippi--History; Elections--Mississippi

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I, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer, representing ALL people of Sunflower County, am running for State Senate. If I am elected, I will do my uttermost to carry out my duties as State Senator.

My platform consist of the following:


1) Welfare legislation is necessary to provide 100 per cent of need rather than 27% and to require that Black Workers are hired in policy making positions.

2) Legislation to change law which prohibits counties from receiving Federal Funds to set up housing for poor and elderly.

3) Erect legislation for State Medical Aid program for poor of all ages under Federal law which provide for Medical program.


4) Mobile Voter Registration

5) Change law to permit registration after 6 months residence and to permit registration up to one month before election.

6) Support MFDP court action to change election law:
a) Independent qualify one month before general election.
b) Voting in party primary should disqualify an Independent Candidate.
c) Low voting age to 18


7) Legislation to require Negro History be taught in all Mississippi Schools.

8) Teachers ought be given tenure after three years in a School System - give teachers job security so they would not be afraid to help the Black Community.

9) More money for School System
a) Special Remedial Courses
b) Free Lunch Programs for the poor


10) Change in "fee" System in Law Enforcement so that Sheriff and Constables will not arrest Negroes to pay car note


11) Uniform Taxation rate for property throughout Mississippi so that plantation owners and big businessmen will have to pay their fair share of taxes.


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Hamer, Fannie Lou, “Hamer Campaign Platform,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed May 20, 2024, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/1970.

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