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Bob Thompson thirsts for more blood.

Bob Thompson, colored, (very much so) was out parading with his militia company in Crawfordville a day or so ago and halted it directly across the plank walk leading from the depot to the stores. At this time Mr. J. B. Brooks, one of the most respected and peaceable men in the community, came along and walked down the ebony lines to get through. Finding an opening between the platoon about fifteen feet wide, he started to pass through it, but was immediately halted in an imperious manner by Thompson, and told that if he again attempted to pass, he (Thompson) would have his (Brooks) heart's blood with other threats of like nature. Bob afterwards told his company to appear for drill next Saturday (to-day) with loaded guns and plenty of ammunition, as if he expected and desired a difficulty.

This Bob Thompson was one of the men implicated in the murder of Hugh Lee, at Artesia two years ago. Twelve men said he did not commit the deed. Perhaps he did not, and perhaps he did. Evidently, he will bear looking after.





Macon Beacon, “Macon Beacon clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed March 3, 2024,

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