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HON. JAMES LYNCH. - We rejoice with this gentleman over the triumphant vindication of his innocence and acquitted from what has been proved to be a malicious prosecution, which a thorough investigation of the charges established. Immediately following this acquittal about a hundred and fifty citizens addressed the following letter to Mr. Lynch:

JACKSON, MISS., July 31st, 1872.

<em>Hon. James Lynch;</em>

Dear Sir - The undersigned, your fellow-citizens, deeply sympathizing with you, in view of the foul charge which you have so recently been obliged to refute - a charge without foundation in fact - but evidently instigated and concocted by your enemies with the base, malicious intent to ruin your character and blast your honorable aspirations, and congratulating you upon a complete exoneration from all evil intent, as well as a triumphant acquittal, would be glad to show our appreciation of your abilities, and our confidence in you as a man, by listening to an address to be delivered by you at 8 o'clock this evening in the Hall of Representatives.

Trusting you will deem it proper to comply with our request, we remain yours respectfully.




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