The College Body

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A poem by Charisma Bosarge

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The College Body

I feel it
I feel it tearing through the barrier
An unmatchable thick barrier of blue radiation and trembling lines
I feel the indigo light burning my skin slowly
My eyes waning down through tinted words
Each telling one more useless fact
One more temporary tibbid of information

I feel it
My eyes redden with a slick coat of inconsistent sleep and bruising daydreams
Feelings of an omniscient trust reside in multiple page forums
A search for questions that can only be answered by strangers
A funny scenario for someone like me, the one who is asking, also a stranger

I feel it
My hands quiver to the tics of an analog clock
An ocean of anxiety sailed by a small boat of determination
11:59 pm is lurking just a minute before the fairy man arrives
My veins have built large, fortified vessels
Surfacing waves of 99-cent energy drinks

I feel it
My stomach is a churning mess
I am full of food contortioned by air
My body cries for a drop of rain
For rain brings lazy days and rest
Nourishment of freshwater crawling back to my semester’s old skin

I feel it
When I stand
The space of a million years
Two million static TVs
Three million stars
And four million eighty-two pins in my back
Stabbing, drawing up pains I thought I could not feel

I feel it
A feeling of try-hard despair
Vampire schedules pulling me low
Teaspoons of smiles fall into my daily drinks
Many deriving from the future and many deriving from the past
Never the present

I feel it
When I stand
When I sit
When I think
When I do finally breathe
It is a temporary low for a simple signatured paper
A low that can hopefully be scrubbed clean by becoming a distant memory
A low that has shaped and sculpted
Arose and depleted
Carried and fell
A college body full of ostensible knowledge
A college body that can feel
I feel it

I feel it.


Bosarge_College Body 01.jpg
Bosarge_College Body 02.jpg



Charisma Bosarge, “The College Body,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 4, 2023,

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