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The Lynch Faction Names Their Presidential Electors.

The Republican State Committee (Lynch faction) met at the United States court room at 3 p.m. today. There were some forty-five members of the committee and a number of proxies present. Among the prominent members present were John R. Lynch, M. A. Montgomery, W. E. Mollison, F. W. Collins, L. K. Atwood, J. Meredith matthews, M. L. Reddock, J. E. Everett, D. T. Davis, H. C. Griffin, W. A. Foster, Geo. W. Gayles, E. M. Sweet, H. Kernaghan, F. B. Pratt.

A full discussion of the plans of the committee was had and it was determined to put out a full electoral ticket. The committee named as electors:

State-at-large - John R. Lynch and J. B. Yellowly.
1st District - F. M. Nabors.
2d District - Austin Bell.
3d District - W. E. Mollison.
4th District - S. S. Matthews.
5th District - M. L. Reddock.
6th District - F. W. Collins.
7th District - L. K. Atwood.

A central committee of nine was appointed with full power to act in all matters that may hereafter be referred to it. They are as follows, viz: H. C. Griffin, chairman; L. K. Atwood, secretary; W. A. Foster, asst. secretary, F. B. Pratt, F. W. Collins, H. Kernaghan, J. B. Yellowly, W. E. Mollison, S. S. Matthews, R. O. Edwards.

The committee issued an elaborate address, setting forth the reason for the meeting. It was ordered printed.




Clarion-Ledger, “Clarion-Ledger clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 5, 2023,

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