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The Office Should be Abolished.

The move of Col. George F. Bowles, one of Adams county's representatives in the legislature, to have the office of Justice of the Peace for the city at large abolished, is a wise one. The office is entirely superfluous, as there are already two magistrates in the city, one in the first supervisor's (Court House) district, and one in the fourth supervisor's (Jefferson Hotel) district, and their jurisdiction is co-extensive with the limits of the city. John P. Walworth, Esq., filled the office of magistrate at large for the city for several years quite acceptably, but declining a re-nomination last November, Wm. Parsons, Esq., was elected to fill it, but as he afterward declined to quality, the office is now vacant, and no harm will be done by its abolition. It is hoped that Col. Bowles' measure looking to that end may be adopted by the legislature.




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