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The Contested Election Case.

The taking of depositions in the contested election case of Charles R. Byrnes, Jr., against George F. Bowles before Justice J. Chas. Carson, began yesterday morning, and was continued until half past three o'clock in the afternoon, when ad adjournment was had until nine o'clock this (Tuesday) morning. The witnesses examined were John Conner, R. G. Cain, E. L. Hopkins, Dave Garner (colored), L. C. Duchesne and E. L. Middleton. A considerable volume of testimony was taken, the burden of which we understand, was that Louis J. Winston, candidate for Circuit Clerk, and George F. Bowles, contestee in the case, had had ballots printed prior to the election with which to instruct the suffragans how to vote on election day, and also that one of the officers at the Court House poll had endeavored to tell one of the voters how to prepare his official ballot, but said voter was able to read and write, and had repaired to the booth to prepare his own ballot. This was all the material evidence that was brought out. Miss A. J. Stockett is acting as the stenographer in the case.




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