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Petitions are being circulated among the members of the colored Democracy requesting the president, Hannibal C. Carter, to call a meeting, so they can file protests against the treatment the rank and file are receiving at the hands of the president.


It is charged that the president had himself indorsed by the organization for a place in the City Attorney's Office and gave the place to a Republican under an agreement to draw one-third of the salary is the cause of the first dissatisfaction.

Then it is said that the president aims to transact all of the business of the club without the knowledge of the members. To this the rank and file object. It is openly charged that the president is endeavoring to parcel out jobs to his followers, exacting a promise that they pay to him from 25 per cent to 30 per cent of their salaries to enable him to get along without taking a job himself, so that he can pose as a leader willing to work for the party without reward.

It is also charged that President Carter has said that he intends to have every colored police officer who has been traveling in citizens clothes, reduced to uniform, in order that they may be made to see him before getting back in citizens clothes.

For these favors he intends to extract $25.00. It is said two police officers who were accosted by him stand ready to testify to the truthfulness of this statement.

President Carter claims he is being backed up by Secretary Robert E. Burke and M. C. McDonald.

The men declare these methods were used by the captain 30 years ago in Mississippi. But they will not stand for them here. The meeting is expected to be held shortly at County Headquarters when the president will be called on to explain about 10 barrels of beer that was left after the Tattersalls Barbacue, and about the campaign fund he received from the committee which was not spent. Warm times are expected.






The Broad Ax, “The Broad Ax clipping,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 5, 2023,

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