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The Will of John Cocke Dead

“The Will”

No. 1235

I, John Cocke, of the County of Panola, State of Miss., being of sound mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this my last “Will” and Testament.

First: I will that all my just debts and burial expenses be paid.

Second: I give to Olive Cocke, my homestead situated in what is known as the “Old town of Panola,” to have, use, own, control and to dispose of during her natural life.

Third: At the death of the said Olive Cocke, I will that whatever there is left of said property shall go to my grand daughter Sarah O. Nelson, in fee simple provided, however, that the said Sarah O. Nelson shall live with, provide for and attend to my said wife Olive Cocke, during her life, and to pay the burial expenses of my wife, Olive Cocke.

I will and bequeath my life Insurance policy to my wife Olive Cocke.

Witness my signature this the 22nd day of Sept., 1909.

John Cocke (X his mark)





Cocke, John, 1828-1909, “Will of John Cocke,” Mississippi State University Libraries, accessed December 9, 2023, https://msstate-exhibits.libraryhost.com/items/show/364.

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