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Dixon, James M., active 1870-1873; Foote, William Henderson, 1843-1883; Wade, F. Dora; Yazoo County (Miss.); Morgan, A. T. (Albert Talmon)

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Proceedings of the Republican Nominating Convention of Yazoo County.

In accordance with a call previously made, the Republicans of this county met in the Court House, at Yazoo City, at 12 o'clock M., this day, for the purpose of nominating a candidate to fill the unexpired term in the lower House, occasioned by the death of the Hon. F. E. Franklin. Capt. S. G. Bedwell, Chairman of the Executive Committee, called the convention to order, and, after stating the object of the meeting, Senator A. T. Morgan was called to the chair, who, after a brief allusion to the services, character and abilities of the late Hon. F. E. Franklin, proceeded to the business of organization.

On motion, the Hon. W. H. Foote was elected secretary, and the convention proceeded to business.

Mr. Charles Smith moved that the convention now proceed to a choice by acclamation. Which motion was amended by Sheriff Hilliard, that the convention proceed to an informal ballot, to test the sense of the convention, and adopted.

The Hon. P. P. Bailey then took the floor, and in an eloquent speech of some length, urged upon the convention the necessity of selecting a man of tried principles and commanding ability.

Nominations being in order, Capt. S. G. Bedwell placed in nomination James M. Dixon, Esq.

Rev. J. P. Robertson placed in nomination F. Dora Wade, Esq.

Mr. Chas. Smith placed in nomination Hon. P. P. Bailey, and made an eloquent and stirring speech, in his support.

At this juncture Senator Morgan left the chair, and taking the floor, placed in nomination the name of Gen'l W. R. Miles, and supported his nomination in a speech of some length, urging the necessity of choosing men of commanding influence and ability, and claiming that the day was passed for politicians to urge their claims to the support of the majority in this county, on the grounds of sectionalism or of past party affiliation or association; that the civil and political rights of people of color were secure beyond doubt or possible legal question; because the colored man was becoming a power in the land which could not be overthrown or crushed without crushing the nation, and he very much doubted the ability or disposition of the late rebels to destroy the Constitution of the United States, or again attempt to withdraw from under its protection, or to ignore the obligations which it imposed. He said if any person, other than one of color, was to be the choice of the Convention, he hoped the choice might fall on Gen. Miles.

Mr. Chas. Smith withdrew the name of the Hon. P. P. Bailey, whereupon, Senator Morgan withdrew the name of Gen. Miles. The vote ordering an informal ballot, was then, on motion, reconsidered, and the convention proceeded to a count by a division of the house. Mr. F. Dora Wade received the majority vote of the Convention;

Whereupon, Capt. Bidwell moved that the choice of Mr. Wade be made unanimous. Loud calls were made for Wade, in obedience to which the nominee came forward, was introduced by the Chairman, and after expressing his thanks in a few brief words, did all any candidate could be expected to do, and withdrew followed by the cheers and hurrahs of numbers.

On motion of Capt. Bidwell the following resolution was carried unanimously:

Resolved, That it is the sense of this Convention that the members of the Legislature from this county be, and they are hereby requested and instructed to oppose what is known as the "Levee Scheme" of this State, and particularly so far as the same effects Yazoo county.

On motion, The Convention adjourned in the best feeling and fully confident of victory.

W. H. FOOTE, Secretary,
Nominating Convention.




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